Story-oriented Copy and Content Creation

freelance writer freelancing writing digital marketing

Looking to elevate your blog, email campaigns, or website?

freelance writer freelancing writing digital marketing

The reality is, tons of people have taken to digital marketing recently, and it’d be easy to drown in the sea of competition…. if you didn’t have help. 

Content writing is 



…and can be grueling for those who lack the passion to do it.

If that’s you, I’m here to save you. 

With a background in Business and a distinct, relentless love for what I do, I produce copy that flows AND gets your unique message across clearly to your unique audience.

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Here's How I'll Help You Grow:

Lead Generation

SEO-friendly optimized content to get you as many leads as possible.


Customers respond when your content connects, is useful and valuable.


Actionable content is an engine for your marketing funnel to get into motion!

content marketing

What my clients say:


step 1: Let's meet

We talk via email or during a discovery call so I can learn more about you and your business needs.

I'll create a unique package suited to your goals.

*Calls are on the house and run for 15-30 minutes.

step 2: onboarding

I'll send you a welcome packet as well as a summary of what we have planned, including a scope and timeline.

I may also send another in-depth questionnaire to make sure we're on the same page (or we'll have a clarity call).

step 3: time for action

You'll receive your content piece within the time outlined in your welcome packet.

You get a minimum of 2 revisions for each piece.


blog writing

Blogs establish your authority and legitimacy. More importantly, blogs build a strong connection with your audience by offering free value.

email copy & Sequences

Emails are personal because inboxes are cherished. Emails nurture your audience and builds trust with your audience. Optimize your email marketing.

website copy

Does a business exist if it doesn’t have a website? It does, but the quality of your web copy is a major factor in spurring action and getting results.

Why hire this quirky copywriter?


Nothing starts before first understanding the end goal. If you don’t know what that might be, I’ll help you define it.



After writing over 1,200 articles and blogs, you can be rest-assured I know my way around the industry. My background in business and marketing also comes into play as I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.



Writing isn’t just about, well, writing. It’s also about strategy, marketing, and psychology. There are so many elements! My work takes that into account.


Results first

How do you know you’re gaining from a service? By knowing what to measure and when. Results are important to me. 



Like you, your business also has a personality. I’ll bring it out in your copy.



My work matters to me on a deeper level than the surface. Passion drives my writing and my desire to deliver great copy.


Save yourself time and brainpower. Leave the copy to me.