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24 Reasons to Consider a Digital Marketing career in 2021 (and reasons not to)


Most, if not all businesses won’t grow or even survive without digital marketing in 2021.


One study shows that 78% of salespersons who use social media platforms outperform their competition. 


A close 77% of B2B buyers won’t even speak to any salespersons at all until they do research themselves. 


Businesses of all types and sizes are becoming more aware of these statistics. 


They know that, without a digital marketing expert, they’ll become a distant memory in their customers’ minds… like CDs, Napster, and Hi5. 

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That brings us to the 24 reasons you should strongly consider becoming a digital marketer in 2021.


1. The Growing Demand for Digital Marketers is Predicted to Expand in Coming Years.


If you’re on the fence about it, now is the time to dive in and see what a career in digital marketing has to offer. Everything surrounding this industry is growing. BIG TIME.


Businesses want and need you — and they will for a long time according to most studies. There’s nothing like joining a growing industry in its prime (yes, this is just the beginning)

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2. You Have Tons of Options to Choose From


Not everyone wants to do e-commerce or web design. Luckily, there’s a wide range of career paths to choose from in digital marketing. This includes:


  • Copywriting and editing
  • Web development
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media content creation
  • Video/ audio production
  • Interactive technology
  • Content management and curation
  • Analytics
  • E-commerce
  • Web design


Basically, there’s something for anyone with technical skills or creative abilities. And everyone has some level of creativity in them at the very least.

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3. The Pay Potential is Expanding 


Economics 101: The higher the demand for something, the more people will pay for it. 


The Creative Group reports that marketing professionals can look forward to enjoying a significant increase in their salary in the future. 


It might feel like the digital marketing arena is already saturated, but this just isn’t the case. So go after that green! 


4. You Don’t need a Degree 


Digital marketing degrees are still budding in many universities. 


Fortunately, this isn’t what potential employers and clients will judge you on. They’re more likely to look at your experience and passion for a job.


With a consistent social media presence, a blog that offers value, and relevant online interaction, you can find yourself on the radar of some of the largest companies.

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5. Digital Marketing Offers Substantial Growth


Even if you choose from one of the above careers to focus on, digital marketing will probably push you in many directions. 


You’ll end up specializing in a variety of skills that will make you even more attractive in your field and open up several avenues. 


6. You’ll Meet New People 


Digital marketing can be done from anywhere, so you’re likely to rub shoulders — virtually, that is — with people from around the world.


For the introverts, you can take a backseat as needed when it comes to interaction. It’s a win-win.

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7. You Get to Show your Creative Side 


Now that the digital marketing universe is expanding, it’s not just web and graphics designers who can show creativity. 


Almost every aspect of digital marketing calls for new ideas in some sort of way, whether it’s in problem-solving, branding or customer engagement. 


8. The Internet is Constantly Evolving


And that means your job is constantly changing. It’s not always fun to adapt — unless it involves the internet giving us amazing new platforms like Instagram. 


Every year there’s a new way to do marketing, a new platform to reach customers on, or a new AI to defeat. You’ll never get bored being a digital marketer. 


9. You Get to work-from-home 


As a content writer, it boggles my mind that not everyone wants to work from home. I know that’s not practical of course. 


Still, many people are dying to get a chance to soak in the freedom that comes with a remote job. If only they knew about something called digital marketing.

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10. You Could Control your Hours 


You may or may not have the freedom to choose your own hours depending on if you get a full-time, part-time, or contract job in digital marketing.


If you opt for contact work, you can further work out your schedule to suit the number of clients you decide to take on.


11. You can Niche Down to your Passion 


Before businesses hire you as a freelance digital marketer, it’s a good idea to focus on what brings you the most joy. After all, you’ll be putting yourself in that world for a large part of your day.


This is especially true for writers (ahem!) who are able to focus solely on topics they like. That might be mental health, medicine, or golfing.

12. You can Travel More Often 


By establishing proper boundaries in your freelance digital marketing career, you’ll be able to put time aside and explore the world. 


Even if you do have work to get done, you’ll be able to do it from your hotel room or the beach. Just make sure you stay focused.

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13. You’ll get More Time with the Kids 


For both moms and dads, you won’t have to worry about feeling like your kids are not getting enough time when you’re working as a freelance digital marketer.


While you will need to allot space and time strictly for work to maximize productivity, there’s no commuting to and from an office job.


This means you have more time with family. Additionally, you can adapt your schedule to better fit around your family life.


14. Social Media All Day


Ok, so you won’t actually be using social media for fun — assuming you’re serious about the job. 


However, if you’re someone who just enjoys moving through the major platforms, you’ll get to do that a lot based on what path you choose.




15. Experience the Latest in Technology


Virtual and augmented reality are continuing to merge with marketing in all types of business. 


Videos are one of the best ways to capture attention and expand brand awareness. Making things interactive connects even more with customers.

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16. You Might Become Famous 


YouTube is no place for the faint-hearted. In contrast, it’s exactly where you want to be if you want an audience. 


Through building your digital marketing presence or while working for an employer, you can make your face known on one of the most popular marketing platforms.


17. You’ll be Helping Others 


Don’t just look at digital marketing as a way to fill your pockets — although I don’t blame you if you do.


Your new career could be very rewarding when you gain results for clients. That warmth you feel when they love your design, enjoy an increased return on investment, or bask in the audience traffic that YOU drove in, is priceless.


18. You’ve got a Friend in Data


Even if you’re not a data analyst, there are endless tools and software out there that make it easy to pinpoint where most of a company’s target audience comes from. 


For you as a digital marketer, this means that a large portion of your work is already out of the way and you know where to hone in to generate leads.

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19. You can Teach Others 


Being able to teach others is one advantage of digital marketing that isn’t quite obvious.


When you become skilled at something, you can share that knowledge with others. This is another way digital marketing can warm your heart and make you feel all fuzzy inside. 


20. You can Learn Online 


Again, there’s no formal knowledge required to get a career in digital marketing. 


Nonetheless, if you think that your chances of getting hired might benefit from a course or two, you’ll find lots of legit ones online. And you’ll learn at your own pace and convenience. 


21. You can Create your Own Tools 


If you’ve got the technical skills, you don’t have to limit yourself as a digital marketer. Get the edge on your competitors and bring what you have to the table. 


You can create the tools and software necessary for a job then go on to use it in the scope of your digital marketing work. You’ll definitely impress the higher-ups and possibly sell whatever you’ve created later on.

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22. You have the Opportunity to Scale Up 


Once you’ve gotten the hang of the digital marketing landscape, you might want to make a real solid business out of it. 


You can outsource tasks that you haven’t yet mastered or those that are just too time-consuming. This will allow you to take on more opportunities and generate an even bigger income. 


23. Increased Job Satisfaction 


The push for a shift toward ensuring job satisfaction within companies is admirable, but there’s still a huge gap to be filled. 


By choosing the niche and job type you prefer as a digital marketer, there’s a greater chance you’ll be happier in your daily life. If not, just change your selected area of expertise.


24. Job Stability


Our final reason to consider digital marketing concerns something too many workplaces are lacking even today. 


Even if you get fired or lose a client, you can continue searching online where marketing opportunities await in abundance — granted you learn to market yourself first, of course.

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Reasons NOT to become a digital marketer 


Now, let’s talk about at least two things that might deter you from a career in digital marketing.


You might not be able to keep up


Digital marketing waits for no man. With the constant changes, things can get hectic as new technological trends pop up and marketing techniques change quickly. 


You’ll constantly have to learn and adapt. This industry is ultimately what you make of it, but it might be annoying to constantly have to change your methods.


There’s a lot of competition 


Yes, there are a lot of positions available for digital marketers, and more emerge every day.


You’ll still need to differentiate yourself from the other creatives out there as well as other businesses who do what you do. Make clients intentionally choose you.

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What Should You Do Next? 


Are you now excited to pursue a digital marketing career? The first thing you’re going to want to do is look at your skill set. 


If none of them will help you become a digital marketer, find a free course online or learn something new in your spare time or as a side hobby (until it turns into a side hustle, and from there, a full-time career).


If you’re already equipped to pursue your chosen path, get started on building a portfolio and your online presence.



Digital marketing is like any other career. You invest time and hard work to get something out of it and you deliver value so that people want to work with you. 


Once you’ve covered these two main things, you’re on your way to indulging in a highly profitable career that embraces growth and creativity.

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